What Kind of Watch Should You Get?

  • July 23, 2020

Watches are part of our clothing and part of fashion. The type of wristwatch you use says a lot about you, especially about your profession. Regular office workers’ wristwatches differ from that of soldiers, which in turn differs from that of a sportsman. Not only that, but occasions also do matter. If you are buying a wristwatch online, read reviews before you buy. You can read reviews about watches from Littman jewelers or other jewelry shops. If you are a soldier and you are wearing a suit, attending a function, using your regular army wristwatch might not fit. Getting another wristwatch to go for such an occasion will be your best bet. Since events determine the kind of wristwatches to wear, we will be guiding you in your choice of wristwatches for the right occasion.

Wristwatches for office workers

Wristwatch for office workers does not have to be of high specs. Wristwatches for offices are also perfect for social functions. Your choice should be cool wristwatches, which you can rock around. You can go for the stainless-steel wristwatches, classic wristwatches, or leather strap wristwatches. You can even color code with your dress.

You have to follow the color code for your workplace and then choose a wristwatch that matches the color code. Not only this, if you work in a corporate office, getting something subtle is preferable — something like the average color of black, brown, or deep burgundy. You don’t want to appear showy, choose something classic, and of good quality. If you do work, however, in a position of power, your wristwatch says a lot about you. Using those gold-plated wristwatches or even diamonds can tell others about your kind of league.

Wristwatches for sports

When it comes to sports, you want a wristwatch that has some other features embedded in it, such as timer and stopwatch. Not the regular wristwatch. The primary purpose here is not to check the time, but for it to aid your activity. You can keep track of the number of steps you take, the total distance you’ve covered, and even the number of calories you’ve burned.

When you want to purchase wristwatches for sport, check out the features it has. Make sure they suit your purpose and are easy to operate. In short, a smartwatch is most appropriate. You can even get wristwatches that can take your picture as well as play music as you exercise.

Wristwatches for construction workers

For construction workers, the priority is not about it being smart or being flashy; it is about being healthy, rugged, and durable. If you are a construction worker, you have to choose a rugged wristwatch. The G-Shock wristwatch series is a viable option for you. You have to check out the materials the wristwatch is made of. Such materials include stainless steel, titanium, resin for the outer case. Leather, resin, or plastic for the strap, and the dial window, mineral or sapphire crystal will do the job of making it scratch resistant. Other features you should check for includes water-resistance, shock resistance

Wristwatches for security personnel

When you work security, regular wristwatches will surely not be your choice to wear. Military-grade wristwatches are the recommendation. It is also the recommendation for backpack hikers and rescue teams. They are equipped with GPS, shock resistance, water resistance, durable, good low light, alarms, longer usage time, and lots more. Military-grade watches works wonders.


Watches make dressing complete, which is why it is an essential clothing accessory. There are different watches for various occasions. Find the right one for the right event.


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